7 Video Script Template Ideas To Get Your Video Marketing Noticed

7 Video Script Template Ideas To Get Your Video Marketing Noticed

Demand for video online is skyrocketing with over 50% of consumers asking for more video content. Video marketing is one of the best digital marketing tricks out there.

If your only excuse for why you haven’t picked up a camera is because you don’t know where to begin, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got seven great video script template ideas that will get you started!

1) Tutorials

Showing is always better than telling when it comes to product videos. Here’s what to say:

  • Clearly state the goal
  • Walk them through step by step
  • If they have any other questions, let them know how they can reach you via email or by phone

Stick to one demonstration at a time. If you have multiple tutorials to tackle, make a playlist.

2) Testimonials

You’ve got a product or service that everyone loves. You’ve hit video marketing gold!

Over 90% of people trust word of mouth marketing. Get permission from your enthusiastic customer to put them on video and record them talking about how much they love your brand.

3) What’s New

Rolling out a new product or policy? This is a great opportunity to make a video!

Here’s how:

  • Address the old way of doing things — “We used to make paper gift certificates but we are switching to gift cards”
  • Say why you’re making the change — “Gift cards are safer to use”
  • Explain the new way of doing things “We will accept gift certificates until 90 days from now but then we’ll switch”

With a new product, just talk about why you made it and how excited you are to offer it.

4) Storytelling

A lot of branding is just about giving people a good feeling about your business. Tell a story about your origins, the company culture, or something fun about your brand.

You can be creative with music, title cards, etc. Use a free intro maker to open and close your story video.

5) Ask a Question

Turn the tables on your customers and ask them how they feel. This can be a fun way to get to know them.

Some ideas: do they like your plain donuts or frosted and sprinkled ones better? When’s the best date night at your restaurant — Friday night happy hour or Saturday dinner?

6) Feature Customers

This is a combo of testimonials, storytelling, and product demonstration. Shine the light on why you love your customers and feature them in a video.

Maybe they always come to your restaurant on their birthday or they bought their wife’s jewelry from your store. What makes them a special part of your world?

7) Q&As

Do you have frequently asked questions that pop up repeatedly? Maybe you’ve got a really interesting question that needs its own video?

Q&A videos are easy and fun. Just make a list of questions, read them, and answer them.

Video Script Template Ideas and More

As you can see, making great videos isn’t that difficult. You’ve got seven great video script template ideas and we bet you’ll come up with more on your own.

Want more marketing tips and tricks? Check out our marketing blog for the most up to date info!

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