Entertaining Vs. Studying

Thanks to huge development of electronic devices, entertainment and education more and more often use the same devices. Now computer or smartphone are able to both play with us and learn something. Nowadays, parents have very serious problem concerning the decision to buy kid a first computer. It is completely normal that they have doubts. Looking at the youth, who cares only about the pleasures coming from the Internet, parents have hundreds of reasons to not purchase the computer. Let’s have a look at this issue from the different perspective.

Computer and the Internet are the great sources of information about everything. In this environment users are able to find much more data than in the course books. As far as kids being users are concerned we have to understand that even efficient searching information in the Net requires some skills. That’s why it is so important to teach kids from the very beginning how to use the computer and Internet. It should be explained to the kids that the computer with the Internet connection is not only for entertainment. Parents have to show their children full range of benefits coming from the device, and what is more important, show them how to perform actions like searching information.


Of course the whole Internet environment contains also plenty of threats that may be very harmful for the users. Especially inexperienced users, like for instance kids and older people, are exposed to any kinds of traps. And again, thanks to the proper education kids will be able to bypass dangerous areas in the web. Things like violent and pornographic videos, sexual offenders and forbidden agreements can have very serious consequences for kids and their parent’s budgets. Children’s mentality may be damaged after watching too many brutal videos. The bigger problem may occur after the kid will unintentionally make a relationship with sexual offenders. Those people very often are creating fake accounts on social media and are trying to have a contact with young people. Children that are aware of these facts are less exposed to those threats.


Like it was mentioned before, education is the best solution to this type of the problem, however it doesn’t guarantee the 100% of sureness. We all know that kids very often do not follow parent’s advices. In this case a good prevention can be installing the parental control software on the home computer. Usually this kind of computer program is able to perform many actions that will increase the level of security. Things like black list of the websites that contains inappropriate content that user has got blocked access to, scanning email box against the messages coming from suspected sources or reporting all the activity that had place on the computer. Preventive methods are very good if the parents are not totally sure about following the rules by their kids.

As we can see there are many reasons of why we should provide to our kids the best possible methods of gaining the knowledge. Thanks to the newest technology kids are able to exploring data that twenty years ago were not achievable, however all parents have to keep in mind that every good invention can be used in the opposite way.

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