Here Are Simple Methods To Increase Vape Sales

Here Are Simple Methods To Increase Vape Sales

Keeping customers coming back for more

Customer retention and repeat sales are the holy grail for any business. A base of loyal customers who come back and buy again and again is very cost effective and makes it very easy to increase sales and grow the business.

Any smart business owner should spend the majority of their time working out how to keep customers and making sure their happy. Happy customers will recommend your business to their friends, costing you nothing and gaining another customer! Repeat this system over and over and your business will flourish in a very short space of time.

Speaking to current customers and collecting their details

Every shop or website has 2 main aims. Collect the details of the visitors and make a sale. Collecting the customer details such as email address and phone number should be the number one priority for any store. Once you have customer details get in contact with them and send them offers and information, giving them an incentive to come back to the store and buy. If you don’t get the contact details how do you make them a repeat customer? The answer is you can’t.

If you’re only marketing to your target market once, then getting them to buy something just once, you’re missing out on a huge amount of sales. Repeat customers are the backbone of any business.

Text marketing

Marketing texts are an increasingly effective way to tell your market the offers you have available. Your customers will come back to the store when they know you have an offer on. Most people read every text they receive and texting can be more effective than email as long as it is done carefully and you’re not constantly spamming your contact list. Companies such as can help you with this.

Reward loyalty

With new vape shops popping up all the time the vaping market is very competitive. Once you have a customer, keep them by offering them a reward for their loyalty. Many shops give out points with every purchase, allowing them to be redeemed for money off on future purchases. This is a very easy way to keep your best customers coming back, time after time.

Giving out loyalty points helps to stop your customers from buying from competitors because they have ‘invested’ their points with you and want to use them.

Product videos

If a customer is in the store, it’s easy to demo the products for them. However, if they’re looking at your website you need a way to show off how each of the products work. The best way to do this is by using video. What’s great about this method is that it doesn’t have to cost much at all, all you have to do is get someone to video the demos you give to people in store and then post that video on your website. A very easy and very simple trick that will pay off in spades!

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