How to Design Retail Ready Product Packaging

How to Design Retail Ready Product Packaging

The importance of good product packaging should not be underestimated. Packaging plays a significant role in the success of your product. It draws the attention of customers, reinforces your brand identity, and even signifies the quality of your product. In addition to the above, your product packaging also needs to satisfy the requirements of retailers and distributors.

1. Can You Create Product Variations

The best product packaging designs are versatile and can be easily modified to allow umbrella branding of any future product range expansions. Imagine that you are an artisan chocolate manufacturer who produces an organic chocolate bar made with peruvian cocoa beans. You have decided to expand your product range to include a new peruvian chocolate bar made with Chanchamayo coffee beans, it should be easy to adapt the existing packaging design to fit the new product.

2. Consumers Like Transparency

Does your packaging clearly state the ingredients used in your product? Are any claims you make about the benefits of your product verified by a respected authority where relevant? Customers value transparency and do not like being misled. Going the extra mile to make sure your packaging is transparent can help you to win over more cautious customers.

3. Does Your Packaging Draw the Eye

Before deciding on a color scheme for your packaging, it can pay to do a bit of market research. Check out the packaging used by your leading competitors, would your product packaging stand out when placed next to their products?

If your competitors are all using the same colors for their packaging, consider using a complementary color wheel to determine the opposite color. This will give your packaging a strong contrast and make it stand out at the point of sale.

4. Is Your Packaging Evolutionary

Think about the standard packaging that products in your industry use. Does it have any shortcomings that you could address to make your product superior? Bacofoil recognised a major flaw with the traditional cardboard packaging used for aluminium foil and cling film. The built-in cutter was next to useless, as the cardboard packaging would bend under pressure. To address this problem Bacofoil produced new and improved packaging in the form of a reusable plastic dispenser box. They then expanded their product range to include unboxed refill cartridges. This made their cling film and aluminium foil much easier to use and improved brand loyalty.

5. Brand Identity

Your logo should be prominently positioned on the front of your packaging, but brand identity goes beyond your logo. The packaging itself should convey who you are as a company. Are you a traditional company with years of experience who have provided the same high quality products for generations? If so, then sticking to a more traditional appearance should work well. If you are a fun and innovative brand, then your packaging should be fun and innovative too.

6. Packaging Companies

Many businesses choose to outsource the packaging of their products to specialist packaging companies. Some business premises are simply too small to house an automated shelf-ready packaging line, and the cost of equipment can often be prohibitive.

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