How to Make your Christmas and Holiday Merrier with Kiindly Cashback Deals

How to Make your Christmas and Holiday Merrier with Kiindly Cashback Deals

Cash back and coupon sites are dime a dozen. So what’s new about another coupons and deals app or website? To stand apart and ahead in a cluttered market, you got to offer something that others are not offering. Also, it’s got to be something that users actually want and need, not just another add on gimmick.

When we dropped by this newbie, we had to stop and look at it closely. If you are familiar with deals and coupons apps and websites, you know how the savings are presented. You select a coupon and you land up on the home page of the site. Now figure out where you want to go or what you wish to buy. And this is exactly where Kiindly breaks new ground.

  • The unique feature Kiindly offers against the old guards is what it terms as “maximizing savings”.
  • You don’t browse dry coupons. You browse actual brands and products.
  • You are not left hanging on the home page. You reach the exact product page of the particular store which is offering the deal. Simply tap and buy.
  • You don’t see only one part of your savings. You see the whole of it together – The discount + How much you saved on the deal price + Your cash back rewards. In other words, you “maximise savings” with a three-pronged savings win-win deal.

What is Kiindly and how does it work?

Kiindly offers up to 80% discount on daily deals on top of line brands, especially luxury brands. Leading stores like eBay, Walmart, Macy’s, Target, Best Buy as well as premium brands such as Nike, Fendi, Prada, Jimmy Choo etc are all on Kiindly with their hot-off-the-oven deals, coupons and cashback. You can hope to get up to 40% cashback! Get paid either by eCheck or PayPal.

The Kiindly app utilizes the latest technologies of Apple iOS, providing a smooth and easy-to-access shopping experience to the users. There are more than 1,200 stores listed on the website offering products in several categories, most notably in fashion & lifestyle, electronics, health & beauty, travel & vacations, jewelry, and many more.

To shop at the top stores like Macy’s, Amazon, eBay etc., redeem several coupon rewards and cashback offers available with Kiindly.

Kiindly also offers a unique and wonderful option to do a good deed with your savings and cashback. You can donate a part of your cash back rewards or the whole of it 800,000 non-profit organizations. Now this feature will surely be a trendsetter, with Kiindly being first off the block.

Follow these procedures to enjoy the deals:

It’s simple, really. Just download the iOS Kiindly App or use your email ID or social media account to sign in on the website. Browse brands, deals and stores. Choose the brand you want to shop like Best Buy coupons, eBay coupon, or Walmart promo code etc., search for it in the search bar and all the related deals will flow down to you as a neat list.

Once you choose your deal, you will reach the particular store’s page where you can make the purchase while applying the Kiindly code. More often than not, there are several deals available at one store. Check out your options before making your purchase.

Besides it, Kiindly website and app also offers a lifestyle blog which has great posts on trending deals, products and coupons.

Which stores are registered with Kiindly?

Kiindly has over 1,200 stores registered with it that sell all kinds of products, literally whatever you can think of. Be it apparel, watches, jewelry, computers, gadgets, books, footwear, groceries…it has got everything covered. Several premium quality brands are listed on the website. Here is a highlight of a few of them:





Neiman Marcus

Best Buy



Saks Fifth Avenue

Lord & Taylor

Sam’s Club



Motley Fool


Office Depot


Why you should shop through Kiindly?

The Kiindly website and app offer something for everyone, irrespective of age or gender. Whether it is fashion & lifestyle products, latest phones, gaming consoles, health and fitness gear, furniture, home décor, flight tickets and travel packages, kids’ toys or back to school, Kiindly assures the lowest prices on anything you shop.

How to contribute for a social cause with Kiindly

Kiindly is the one and only coupon and cashback website that lets you donate some or all of your cash back to any of the 800,000+ charities listed with it. There is no additional cost, no hidden charges, and absolutely no security issue. Your donated money goes to where you intend it to go.

Earn more with reference

Kiindly provides with an opportunity to earn more when you share the app with your family and friends. So how does it work? You are awarded $5 as BONUS when the referred member completes his or her $20 cashback benchmark within 6 months of joining.

Is Kiindly worthy for you?

We are going to be really honest. If Kiindly says it Maximizes Shopping, it surely does. No other app combines deals, coupons and cashback in such a seamless manner. Also its unique feature of donating your cashback to a charity of your choice helps you do your bit for the society.

The Kiindly iOS App and website is a must-visit for those who love to shop and save.

Technical Specifications

OS Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Size: 21.4 MB
Category: Shopping
Availability Area: Across US
Languages: English
Age Rating: Rated 4+
Price: Free
Supports: Family Sharing (With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.)

For corporate information, visit the Kiindly Cashback Website.



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