How to Transform Your White Paper Marketing Campaign

white paper marketing

In a recent survey, 79 percent of B2B buyers sited white papers as the marketing material they were most likely to share with colleagues.

So what is a white paper report? These marketing materials take a problem and use in-depth research to provide a solution.

While white papers are both informative and persuasive, they’re not a product pitch. Instead, companies can use evidence to show potential customers the value behind their product or service.

That way, you can attract new customers with a strong piece of marketing collateral.

Here are some tips to transform your white paper marketing into an effective lead generating campaign.

Set a Goal

As with every marketing material you develop, your white paper should have a concise goal. That goal will help you construct your entire white paper campaign.

The best white paper examples are organized and focused on a single concept.

If you’re trying to persuade customers that your product is the safest option on the market, keep your focus there. Then, use statistics and research to prove just how effective your safety features are.

This goal will also appear when you promote your white paper, so don’t neglect it.

Do Your Research

Remember who you’re talking to. Your content should focus on communicating with your target audience.

Once you know your audience, it’s a lot easier to avoid these seven content marketing mistakes. That way, you can craft your content specifically for the people most likely to become a paying customer.

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Don’t forget, a white paper is research-based. Dive into statistics, surveys, and studies. That way, you have data that helps support your white paper’s main goal.

Create Your White Paper

When you create your white paper, don’t forget the message you’re trying to communicate with your readers.

After all, white paper marketing relies on converting these readers into paying customers.

Use strong copywriting to grab their attention and keep them interested. This will help your company make a lasting impression.

Draft Your Emails

Almost 50 percent of emails are considered spam. That’s why it’s important to draft a concise, clear email that works from step one: the subject line.

Your emails will help promote your white paper and attract customers to your white. Use an eye-catching or intriguing subject line along with strong verbs within your copy to pull readers in.

Land Them on the Landing Page

Another way to promote your white paper is by creating a landing page where readers can download the collateral.

Like your email, the landing page should use strong language. The landing page should also stay also focused on your original goal. Finally, a clear call-to-action can encourage visitors to download your white paper.

Once people download it, the white paper should do the rest!

Create a Killer White Paper Marketing Campaign

With these five white paper marketing tips, you can create a killer white paper that reels in customers.

For more helpful marketing strategies to help build your business, check out this section of the blog!

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